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Because there are no questions we can't answer or problems we can't solve, you can unleash the full functionality of Wi X without a doubt.After you verify that you own your domain, you can start using your Google service such as G Suite or Cloud Identity.You have to when you need to change any GUID in the package. You have to when there are any changes in the feature hierarchy (child feature moving out of a parent, or a parent feature getting a new child).So, major upgrades are a clear cut but the line between small updates and minor upgrades can be blurred.The Version attribute cannot be set along with this attribute since companion files are not installed based on their own version.The value of this attribute should correspond to the Id attribute of a Media element authored elsewhere.

Set this attribute to make this file a companion child of another file.If a short file name is specified, the Short Name attribute may not be specified.If a long file name is specified, the Long Name attribute may not be specified.At the end of the previous lesson, we have already learned how to do everything that can be thought of when it comes to installation packages, right? We know how to assemble our original installation package but what shall we do when it comes to shipping an upgrade? Shall we ask the user to uninstall the previous version and reinstall the new one? So, let's see how Windows Installer can help solve such problems.After all, even if Windows Installer doesn't provide an immediate solution, we just fire up our trusty old compiler and write it for ourselves, right? And what happens to the settings our user has made during the use of the software? It divides product changes into three categories: GUID).

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By creating this connection between a file and its media, you set the packaging options to the values specified in the Media element (values such as compression level, cab embedding, etc...).

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