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Host Sibella Court follows the progress of Aussie battlers facing an array of challenges from budgets to the weather and strict heritage rules. You need that in any building job and even more so in restoration.

"Most people need to go into something like this quite naively, or else they wouldn't do it," Court tells APN. There are long periods of time where you can't see what's happening (with the infrastructure) and it can be frustrating and morale destroying." Court is a designer, stylist and author with a degree in history.

She is also the daughter of a builder and has a passion for hand-crafted wares and heritage trades.

"I absolutely can relate to the romance of the restoration," she says.

Both views, however, are decidedly inappropriate."A lot of employees are sent abroad now, particularly in Europe," explains Professor Chris Brewster of Cranfield School of Management.

Promoters of the Sydney festival, which saw acts such as The Ting Tings performing at Centennial Park over the weekend, reportedly decided to cut the prices of the tickets in a bid to boost dwindling crowds.

INTREPID Aussie families undertake labours of love in the new series Restoration Australia.

The seven-part series, filmed over two years, follows the efforts to restore seven neglected buildings ranging from Georgian mansions to colonial pug and pine huts.

A new book, They Only Laughed Later, edited by Carol Allen and Richard Hill, collects the accounts of female expats, and illustrates the loneliness, upheaval and sheer weirdness of their lives.

Several of the contributors are married to men from the Foreign Office, an organisation that's particularly concerned about the welfare of its "trailing spouses" - over 1,000 wives and 300 or so husbands - and encourages them to learn a language, and retrain for a portable career.

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