Who is lacey schwimmer dating 2016

She is also a regular dancer at Mc Donald Selznick Associates.

Name: Ashlé Dawson Season: 1 Where She Is Now: Ashlé is now working in New York City as a guest faculty member at the well-known Broadway Dance Center — New York’s most prestigious dance school.

Name: Kamilah Barrett Season: 1 Where She Is Now: Kamilah has since created her very own dance style called Heel Hop, which she now goes around teaching to the world.

“They started hooking up almost immediately when rehearsals began,” an insider tells Us of the pro and her radio DJ partner.

“Lacey had a boyfriend [DJ Guthrie, a dancer], but” — surprise!

He is currently touring with the superstar singer on her Born This Way Ball tour. Names: Evan Kasprzak, Thayne Jasperson, Jess Le Protto, and Alex Wong Seasons: 5, 4, 8, and 7 Where The Are Now: Though these four former contestants were from completely different seasons on the show, they’re all currently working together as part of the ensemble for the new Broadway musical , which also happened to win several Tony Awards this year.

So, in a way, I guess you could say they’re all Tony Award-winners now.

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