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Also, the massive success of Me talking about Chris Kraus talking about Kathy Acker talking about Bernadette Mayer is like Camille Paglia talking about Susan Sontag talking about Simone Weil talking about Jesus Christ—it's not a comparison that I find particularly favorable to me. Kraus and I have never met and never spoken and yet it's clear that we both care deeply about the parasocial and we're both willing to take an excess of liberties about it.We force ourselves into one-sided relationships will people a few rungs above us, the heroes about which we are uneasily ambivalent, in ways that allow us to become the other person or sometimes even self-fulfill into a real, lived connection after we fantabulized it on the page.Says Nathan: “Sucks for those of us with tickets to the upcoming US tour.” You guys know we’re big Hannigan fans, and her burgeoning solo career is undoubtedly a factor, but isn’t it more fun to postulate irresponsibly that their “professional relationship” running its “creative course” actually is shrouded in salacious circumstances?

The Irish singer-songwriter worked just over half of the songs from that album into his ragged, plaintive performance.Mr Rice went online to respond to fans' queries about the cover version saying: 'Some people asking about 'Cannonball'.Having seen Josh Ritter twice already this year, I was aware that he's been giving a lot of time on stage to honing new songs.He sings, “Your children are not your children / They're the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself / They come through you, not from you / Though they're with you, they belong to themselves.” The song grows with an acoustic guitar riff and monk-like male vocal chants.Like many Rice songs, “On Children” uses drums and background vocals to build up to a dramatic climax at the very end before the music stops abruptly.

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Introducing another song, Rice mentioned there is a lot of guilt in NY, "Catholic guilt.

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