Sharepoint 2016 rss viewer web part not updating

We have a huge list of web part properties which have been defined by can have a look over these properties from the link below: Share Point Web part properties Now once i ran into a situation wherein i had to change the “Chrome Type” property of a web partin the landing page of all the subsites as well as root site in my site collection. So in order to do this through User Interface would have required a considerable amount of time.It is a part of Virto Share Point Collaboration Suite and Virto ONE License.Virto Social Aggregator is a simple component which allows users to conveniently view feeds from the variety of sources.The Solution The approach to the problem was to build a WCF service, hosted in Share Point which becomes an intermediary between browsers and the Twitter API.Thus, the j Query scripts running on the client side now communicate with the service running on the Share Point server which performs proper caching of calls to Twitter both improving the speed of response to clients as well as assuring that you stay under Twitter's connection thresholds within your environment.

As in the case of all other Virto Software products, Virto RSS & Twitter Aggregator will be constantly improving and updating.

This result has been acknowledged by Microsoft that it can be confusing to users if they try to use this option when it does not perform this function one would expect.

However, the RSS feed web part was not designed to provide this functionality so presently the issue in regards to a fix, is that the option is there in the first place.

This project now supports the new Twitter API 1.1 release.

If you have previously downloaded this webpart and are having problems, please try the newest release (3).

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Project Description The Share Point Display Tweets web parts makes it easy to follow Twitter activity on your Share Point site without violating Twitter activity thresholds.

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