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I found him wearing an adult diaper and he seemed to be wet.I closed the door as quietly as I could not waking him up.And if he didn't comply they would have no choice but to terminate him.They asked to speak to him and I said he wasn't able to at that moment, because he needed his diaper changed.But if your going to want to dress as a baby then I am going to become your mommy.

Before I went into his room I made a few phone calls of my own and ordered him a hospital bed with a baby plastic mattress and very high side rails.Discover How Easy It Is to Let Your Deepest Darkest Desires Out and See Who Shares Them When You Join for FREE!Get Instant Access to Kinky Women and Men Who Love Feet, Spanking, Bondage, S&M, Role Playing, Fisting, and More!I very carefully and expertly took off his diaper which was very wet and replaced it with a dry towel with the same diaper pins he had on just until the other diapers arrived in a few hours.Funny thing I don't know how he didn't know he was being changed or was he too drunk to notice? About 4 hours later he woke up and I heard him scrambling for his clothes which I had found and took out of the room he had nothing to wear out of that room but that diaper and plastic panties that I found him wearing.

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