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When it comes to physical therapy supplies, rehabilitation equipment, exercise equipment and more, our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and superior customer service that is second to none.We offer a wide selection of brand name therapy products from the following manufacturers: Kinesio, Biofreeze, Thera-Band, Chattanooga Group, Spider Tech, Valeo, Cando, Clinton Industries, and many more.Meaning that these are girls who have in essence, declared themselves boys, or boys who have declared themselves girls (or someone who identifies as neither sex).The two schools are Mills College in Oakland, CA and Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA and many are expected to soon follow this hot new trend.

This would in turn enable coed bathrooms, as well as several other complications that I don’t need to spell out for you.

But you see, this is why this piece of leftist ideology doesn’t work just like every single other: If gender does not carry any relevance, then affirmative action, at least in the case of our gender debate, should be repealed immediately.

Getting rid of gender is a double edged sword for these people.

Oct 20, 1910- A baseball with a cork was used in a world series game for the first time.

Instead, promoting tolerance in schools, the workplace, and in everyday life, gives meaning to a certain brand of people and in turn makes them feel important.

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  2. I said I wasn’t, primarily because it was sweltering, but he insisted. Or maybe I’m just stupid.” Sab, 28, an ER nurse from Quezon City, doesn’t believe in using apps but relies on Facebook messages and friends to meet potential dates.