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After the famous Max Bill kitchen clock, which since the end of the 1950s has adorned the modern German kitchen like no other, a range of wrist watches from the Swiss Bauhaus designer was introduced on the market by Junghans.While initially widely unnoticed, this collection is regarded as the ultimate design classic with its three earlier designs in stainless steel and gold-plated finish.Time Savers is a worldwide distributor of clock parts and repair material. We inventory 1000's of keys, pendulums, dials, hands, bezels & dial pans, clock weights, chime rods, bells & gongs, clock chain & cable, cuckoo parts, clock glass & glass domes, fasteners, clock hardware, clock bushings, verges & wheels, barometer parts, ultrasonic cleaners, mainsprings, quartz and mechanical movements, electric movements, tools, magnification products, watch & clock batteries, books, Sherline lathes, suspension springs, novelty clocks, cleaning solutions, oils & lubricants.We have parts for Ansonia, Anniversary & 400-day clocks, Arrow, Atmos, Brillie, Bulle, Cuckoo Clocks, French, German, Gilbert, Golden Hour, Grivolas, Hermle, Howard, Hubert Herr, Ingraham, Junghans, Kieninger, Kit-Cat, Kundo, Lux & Keebler, Morbier, New Haven, Rolling Ball, Reutter, Sessions, Seth Thomas, Urgos, Vienna, Waterbury, Welch, Zaandam, and many others.The rainbow coloured Omega Max Bill is especially coveted by collectors and goes for market prices in the middle to high four figure Sterling range.Many Junghans models, most notably those with the famous Bauhaus number four, are generally attributed to him.

In fact, the Chronoscope is the only model in the collection that was designed after the death of its artist.

It’s often assumed, that Max Bill designed wristwatches for Junghans dating back to 1957.

At the very least, it’s a sure bet that he first designed the grandfather and kitchen clocks.

In terms of the watches movements, there isn’t a whole lot of difference in terms of quality. The ETA calibre has been largely produced untouched spanning a timeframe of decades and belongs to the most dependable movements out on the market.

There are different viewpoints concerning the actual duration of production.

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It received its epithet because it was often exhibited in museums e.g.

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