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Once betrayed, how easy is it to trust that person ever again.

Now kick that up a level or three and apply to governments.

The big box office numbers took many male journalists by surprise – prompting countless astonished headlines – as if the idea of women going out to see a movie on their own was somehow a new phenomenon. But this time the guys are waiting – ready to sneer, put down and patronize Sex – and its mostly female fans. The sexism and condescension just ooze of the page. The first movie was terrific in my opinion and the series barely put a foot wrong.

First there’s the reviews – currently 17% on Rotten Tomatoes – that’s barely better than the dreary Elm Street remake, less than the J. The Daily Beast asked if it was possible for a straight man to enjoy Sex and the City (I don’t know who this insults more – women, straight men or the gays? Now I’ll say in advance I haven’t seen Sex and the City 2 yet. Can the sequel, from the same director and writers, really be that bad? I’m no fan of bad romantic comedies – and most of them are pretty terrible.

When the people who offer to the public the face of government, the leaders, the police, the military, turn out to be criminals themselves, how can a people ever trust their government again?

Only a vision that takes on internal corruption within nations has any chance of succeeding in keeping extremist movements from sprouting up like mushrooms after a shower.Lo stinker The Back Up Plan and equal to The Tooth Fairy. Sex and the City is on a par with The Rock wearing fairy wings? Films like When In Rome, Leap Year and 27 Dresses with their desperate single girls and wedding obsessed plotlines are just hideous – and never funny.Honestly – if you found 27 Dresses hilarious you seriously don’t watch enough movies.Sarah Cheyes looks at corruption on a national scale, over a considerable period of time.Government of, by, and for thieves is hardly a modern invention.

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