Gay dating with gps

Because the world of dating can sometimes be tough and a little bit intimidating this app provides you with a great way to meet possible mates.The app was updated on June 22, 2013 and is available in English.If you are providing latitude/longitude-information:please: shut down your servers and try yourself in another business. Several apps provide the exact birthdate of users via API.Users are not aware of this and think they just gave it for the age-check during registration.A central cafe terrace is a better bet for GPS chatting than the average apartment – gay friends living in London’s suburbs tell me that they discovered, got disappointed by and learned to ignore their few Grindr-using neighbors within weeks of moving in.Apps still lead to the odd absurdity, such as friends checking their phones more than talking, or bars full of men too busy with their phones to notice curious people around them.It is definetly not enough to provide an option to turn the location-information off.

But while Internet dating might have been more convenient, the small social holes it created drained gay city life of some of its color.You may think of blurring pictures if you serve them to non-registered users.If you are providing distance-information only:- disable them for non-registered users.- add some random extra meters to the distance to make trilateration less accurate.- reduce accuracy down to 100 or 500m or change it depending on how many guys are around.Still, at least all these guys are leaving the house again, and city life is mildly richer for it.This might make app users’ sex lives sound effortless, but the tongue in cheek coverage of London’s Olympic Grindr outage misses the real dirty truth.

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