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Often she takes a deep breath before speaking and her hands whirl in front of her as though physically drawing the words out.When she does make it to the end of a train of thought she concludes with a little pause followed by, 'yeah,’ spoken in the tone of a verbal shrug, as though to dismiss all she’s just said.The back-combed style she sported when collecting her Bafta award in 2007 was, in her own words, 'quite The Cure’.'I recognise myself in [Galliano] sometimes,’ she goes on.Both films are sequels and based on comic books by Frank Miller. (Bonus fact) Surprisingly, the actress is a natural dark blonde and started dying her hair black when she was a teenager.'There’s this shop in New York I go to, it has bones and fossils and insects that are like works of art. Some people collect butterflies – I love beetles.’ Did Burton like his beetle?

She approaches me in the restaurant of a London hotel looking as if she’s just got off a motorcycle circa the winter of 1980: Dark aviators, black leather biker jacket jangling with zips and chains, military boots and black skinny jeans. I’ve chosen a quiet corner but she’s worried about 'people listening’.

Green got along well with Trier, but admits that the nudity, sex, and violence just went a little too far. As for her personal life, Green dated her "Kingdom of Heaven" co-star Marton Csokas, though they split in 2009 after four years together. Prior to his involvement with Carla Bruni, French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited Green to join him on his campaign trail. She owns a massive bull's head, which she admits "is quite shocking." 26.

The actress filmed "300: Rise of an Empire" (2014) and "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" (2014) back to back.

'He loved it.’ Eva Green, 31, is a woman of possibly more gothic tastes than her director.

It’s as apparent in her acting roles – she’s played several witches, power-hungry princesses and killers of various descriptions – as her dress.

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