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He has reported that in his opinion the cause of Mr Hayes’ death was severe head injuries sustained in a mining accident.

He also reports that there were no signs of any underlying disease which may account for the accident.

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On 12 November 2007 Chief Magistrate A G Shott, pursuant to s24(1)(h) of the Coroner’s Act 1995 ("the Act"), directed that I hold an inquest into Mr Hayes’ death.

They supplement the previous findings made in chambers by Coroner D J Jones and dated 28 June 2002.

3) Mr Hayes commenced working for Cornwall Coal on 17 August 1998.

Since August 2000 he had been classified as a Level 4 miner.

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This type of mining is known in Australia as "pillar extraction" or "second workings"……………Pillar extraction usually results in the collapse of the immediate roof of the mine workings.""The……………area left in an unsupported state following the extraction of coal pillars………….known as a "goaf." The goaf may or may not collapse, depending on the nature of the geology, the mining dimensions and the extent to which the pillars are totally extracted.""When the immediate roof strata caves, it rarely shears off vertically at the edge of the pillars.

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