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But the downward bend of the trend lines is a wingman in numbers, saying don’t overthink Now, the first vertical on the left, the messages that took no more than ten seconds to write, represents an inordinate amount of the whole and should raise some eyebrows.

It raised mine for sure, and at this point I’m so jaded my face is frozen — Botox has nothing on ten years working at a dating site.

Who are these arcane summoners, wring­ing words from thought alone? (Think about it this way: if you create a new message and hit That dense band of dots running just below the diagonal is the writing-from-scratch guys. There is, of course, the hard upper boundary of the line, which separates the from-scratch messages from the pasted ones, like a border between warring factions. There appears to be a natural limit to how much effort a person is willing to put into a message.

If you do the arithmetic, it’s 3 characters typed for every 1 in the finishedproduct.

Going back to the logs, I found it took the sender 73 minutes and 41 seconds to hammer out those 5,979 characters of hello — his final message was about as long as four pages in this book. Neither did the gentleman sender of B, who wins the Raymond Carver award for labor-intensive brevity.

He took 387 keystrokes to get to“Hey.” But these are the examples at the extremes.

How are so many people typing messages that long that quickly?

Therefore we know that message A, in the upper-right corner, was typed more or less in a headlong rush, with almost no revision.

These writers settled on something they like or that works, and they went withit.

It’s not spam in the way we normally use that word — Ok Cupid is quick to get fake or bot accounts off the site. ) display last week in Montreal, and how he used computer modelling to design a crazy house inmessage.

In this case his innovation is using a few keyboard shortcuts to save himself sometime.

As we’ve seen, phones and services like Twitter demand their own adapta­tions.

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