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As a result, popular culture is depressing, promotes self-destruction, and is helping to create a generation of sick, debased, and vulnerable humans., Selena appears completely “out of it”. Is the song actually about the elite sexually owning Selena Gomez?

Because she is not singing to a person, but to the “eye in the sky”.

, Selena Gomez harms herself in all kinds of painful and degrading ways, while displaying symptoms of severe mental issues. (starring Miley Cyrus, another ex-Disney star gone wild).

The behaviors displayed by Selena in this video are actual symptoms of depression, low-self esteem, self-hatred, and even suicidal tendencies.

Considering the lyrics, one can also add to the list using sex, even degrading sex, as a way of obtaining validation.

Either way, it’s a win – you either have him commit or you end up in someone else’s arms.

Much better than anxiously waiting by the phone, hoping he’ll come around one day. I’ve had the experience years ago where I was dating a girl and I wasn’t even all that into her at the beginning, but then when she started slipping away, something inside me made me obsess over it.

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Here are examples of self-harm and mutilation that she inflicts on herself.

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