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"I was a boy taken from the banks of the very poor working class family in North London and hosted by one of the greatest directors of all time," Whiting says.

"If I had wished for a million dollars to have anything, I don't think I could have created such an experience where the beauty and potential of life married so beautifully with the power of being so young." He pauses before musing, "Now, wasn't that poetic?

And also, in society, there was a whole kind of undercurrent of people saying, 'We don't like certain aspects of life in the world and we would like to make them better.’ This film made it possible." IF YOU GO Romeo and Juliet With Leonard Whiting (Romeo) onstage Where: Castro Theatre, 429 Castro St., S. Leonard Whiting, who brought the iconic Shakespeare character to life in Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film classic "Romeo and Juliet," might just be San Francisco's most beguiling Valentine's gift this year."It's extraordinary when you do something when you're younger and then it has its own life," Whiting says of the big-screen outing that catapulted he and co-star Olivia Hussey into the spotlight and forever changed the bed sheets of cinema."It was an artistic thing, but also the luck of timing that made it so fantastic. Some journalists would say of our connection that it was hype, but it was actually the truth." Casting alert: Whiting and Hussey are reunited on screen in the upcoming thriller "Social Suicide" loosely based on "Romeo and Juliet." The film stars Hussey's daughter India Eisley; Whiting and Hussey play parents to Eisley's modern-day Juliet in a media-frenzied world. "The extraordinary thing was that I felt so comfortable doing it," says Whiting.

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Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey haven't acted together since they played the star-crossed lovers, and now they're reteaming to play Lord and Lady Capulet in Bruce Webb's new film Social Suicide.

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