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And I need to back up my words with a scientific study. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I'm sure if they could speak they would be saying "WHY? Hence why we do the operation before they can speak.

It has been reported that some men exhibit symptoms of PTSD which can only be attributed to their childhood circumcision. At what age do things change that make it so a baby does feel pain? If babies don't feel pain, it's ok to rip body parts off them. Sus Do you think people actually believe that babies don't feel pain, or they just say that to be contentious and get a rise out of others. Sus I'm so opposed to causing pain to a baby that I won't let my little one get shots or poked in any way. my little girl Babe Doll.[/I][/CENTER] DS born 2010, age 40 - DS born 2015, age 45 [CENTER][I]no vaccines, no circumcision, babies born in birth center.[/I][/CENTER] [CENTER] [/CENTER] [CENTER]"Shall we end this bleeding?

” -- Lincoln[/CENTER][/CENTER] I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

I spent most of my 20's pretending it was for health reasons but deep down it was because i find factory farmed meat to be a disgusting institution of mass torture and i simply can't abide by it nor take part in it.

None of this is to say that i am pro circumcision, my son is intact and can do whatever he wants with his man bit when he's old enough to decide. People sometimes make that argument about lobsters because they're exoskeletons I think, but human babies, why would someone think that? It's true that in some procedures the baby may not feel any pain at the time - particularly if the anesthetic is strong enough or if a GA is used, but there will be pain during recovery, and if the baby is awake during the procedure there will also be psychological pain from the fear of being strapped down in one of those super torturey circumcision tables.

Just wanted to clarify that the foreskin is not the male equivalent to a clitoris - though maybe that's not what was being suggested. Op, are you sure the person isn't just saying that to antagonize you? OP, i think the person must be saying that the baby doesn't feel pain during the procedure, and it's true that physically, during the procedure, the penis may not feel any pain due to the anesthetic. They've encouraged others to allow harm be done to a child Denial is powerful.

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I agree that babies can feel pain, and those who disagree are either being willfully ignorant or must be stupid. Maybe they're lying when they say they believe that, i guess that's a third possible option.

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