Dating a dope dealer

I am amazed that I was able to maintain that routine for as long as I did. Now being clean and sober is my drug of choice: I celebrated 11 years this past May and I did it one day at a time.

The interesting thing, though, is that I only used cocaine when I drank.

They are the only drugs that I wouldn't mind my SO doing for the rest of our lives, the other fiendish drugs on the other hand, I prefer to not have those around me anymore.

I think if you look at her as 'your dealer' than yea it's a bad idea....

but maybe i'm thinking too far ahead, you seem to be letting your dick do the thinking here... but is it worth the risk,think of the risk factors and the paranoia surround by the drug weed itself seen so many of my friends go bad from it!! You don't knowingly walk into a relationship with a "drug fucked" person and expect that it's going to pan out like any normal, healthy relationship I didn't say anything about ''normal.'' I'm certainly not pursuing a normal relationship. I'm pursuing a crazy, intense passionaite relationship. Unless you're one of those delusional types that think you can fix/change a person. She's a confident intelligent beautiful woman who happens to make a bit of extra cash by selling a dried plant product. I mean are you confident that she's not already dating/relationship with someone?If you wanna be a slut and try to hook up with her in exchange for her drugs, go for you're not looking for a serious relationship i guess it might be entertaining...problem is dealers don't keep very consistent hours of operation so you might end up taking a backseat to her business most of the time.possibly think about finding a 'back up' dealer, someone who weed thats at the similar level of decency. In worse relationships (only knowing from my friends, I haven't gotten this far) you fall deeply in love and have a horribly abusive relationship. A lot of people I know think she goes a little too far, but I find it attractive personally. If you can take it or leave it, then so much the better. I asked her out and she opted for sex over the date. This is some pretty chilling shit to watch, as I have :| but you're right - the people need to be in control of their drug use - and as I pointed out, heading in the same direction in life (to be able to sustain a relationship, period). I would be slightly worried that complications arising from the dealing issue might become problematic. If anything she is focused on me as a sexual object.

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Alcohol was my number one drug of choice, then cocaine. The combination of alcohol and cocaine was perfect for me, as I could drink longer when I had the depressant of alcohol and the stimulant of cocaine in me. The last time I did cocaine was a few weeks before I quit drinking.

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