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She replied: You have done to my people what you have done.

Only one, however, rested his claims on the fact that his aorta hadn't been cut.

He then said about the pain of which he died: I continued to feel pain from the morsel which I had eaten at Khaibar. Sunan Abu Dawud 4449—Umm Bishr said to the Prophet during the sickness of which he died: What do you think about your illness, Apostle of Allah? Mishkam prepared for him a roast lamb, having first inquired what joint he preferred. Ma’rur who was with him took some of it as the apostle had done, but he swallowed it, while the apostle spat it out, saying, ‘This bone tells me that it is poisoned.’ Then he called for the woman and she confessed, and when he asked her what had induced her to do this she answered: ‘You know what you have done to my people. al-Bara had come in to visit him—“Umm Bishr, at this very moment I feel my aorta being severed because of the food I ate with your son at Khaybar.” Ibn Sa’d, Volume 2, pp.

I do not think about the illness of my son except the poisoned sheep of which he had eaten with you at Khaibar. When she learned that it was the shoulder she put a lot of poison in it and poisoned the whole lamb. He took hold of the shoulder and chewed a morsel of it, but he did not swallow it. I said to myself, If he is a king I shall ease myself of him and if he is a prophet he will be informed (of what I have done).’ So the apostle let her off. 251-252—When the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, conquered Khaybar and he had peace of mind, Zaynab Bint al-Harith, the brother of Marhab, who was the spouse of Sallam Ibn Mishkam, inquired: Which part of the goat is liked by Muhammad? Then she slaughtered one from her goats and roasted it (the meat). The Jews discussed about poisons and became united on one poison. The Prophet, may Allah bless him, ordered it to be taken.

Ironically, as this man lay dying, he confessed that he could feel his aorta being severed.

(Click here for a much shorter version of the argument.) For those who want to keep track of the Muslim sources related to this issue, here they are. Note also: I typed these in by hand, so let me know if you spot any typos.) I.

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