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The dream-date has gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and a breathtaking smile. Find out how the Internet is changing the way we plan that walk down the aisle.But that same catch soon turns out to be selfish, unreliable, and unstable. Read on to find out why men and women keep falling for jerks. Former staff writer Kelly Fitzpatrick takes a personal look into the world of health and fitness within relationships.Mark Banschick explores why we can feel so needy in intimate relationships, and offers several tips for addressing neediness in a healthy, productive way.For people in long-term relationships, “less passionate” phases are bound to happen. But never fear—we’ve got the scoop on how to break out of a relationship rut.So what are the benefits of bonding with just one babe?2013 research suggests most people fib when talking about how many sexual partners they’ve had—men round up, women round down. We may have our pick-up lines down pat, but how much do we know about keeping things safe in the bedroom? ), but easy changes can have Mother Nature feeling good in no time.

From stargazing, to kayaking, to coffee shop hops, check out this creative list of ways to reconnect with your sweetie without stressing out your wallet. Romance can have a positive (and negative) impact on our health and wellbeing.Turns out definitions of “friendship” and “love” may be more complicated than we once thought.Finally, the answer to the “Our Body, Ourselves” question nobody was ever brave enough to ask.On again, off again, then back on—turns out those tumultuous relationships are pretty common among young adults.But what do they mean for personal development, and is “ex sex” the new normal?

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