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We are giving them a second chance at life as educational birds, that will hopefully be enjoyed by many for years to come.ONE GOAL, ONE VISION "In 1963, a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo brought forth a future icon.We have had a lot of people who are upset about the camera being down. We understand it is hard to accept that we cannot fix this at this time.

Mazzarolo began producing the first products bearing the Alpinestars moniker.

As part of our continued efforts to provide quality educational programming in the Harrison TN area, medic Harrison Bay State Park has expanded it’s wildlife education capabilities, therapy by adding a captive raptor program.

We have successfully finished our construction of the enclosures, and currently have three new occupants.

We will have a lot of expense this year on replacing equipment, and we may not get many donations with the camera in its current state, so we will do the best we can with the resources we have, and provide you with the best experience we can going forward.

Elliott & Eloise blessed us with 2 fabulous eaglets/juvies this nesting season. This time frame was similar to HB7 & HB8 last year’s juvies.

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Many thanks to HBEC (Paul) who got this site off the ground back in 2011 & who answers the bat signal when sent; to Matt who keeps up with the web page and the equipment even when the mice do damage; to Ranger Don who coordinates the nest tours; to the Friends of Harrison Bay who help promote this cam (among other assistance) and providing the Meet & Greet Dinner; to the chatters & viewers who support the cam with donations; and to our Moderators who volunteer their time and make every day special here at Harrison Bay State Park. The United States Golf Association has a long standing history of supporting environmental stewardship projects on golf courses.

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