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You can use Camio to monitor an unlimited amount of cameras. When you monitor multiple cameras through Camio you can stitch together video to create a wider view.

If you are interested in trying out Camio, check them out here.

Besides, cameras with SD onboard storage also eliminate troubles of installing DVR or NVR, a simple solution to storing movement-triggered recordings and footage.

SD memory storage comes in handy when you are not up for complicated or complete security system but just aim for one or two cameras for some strategic areas of interest, like the front door, side door, garage and etc.

It only uploads when motion is detected and can run at low frame rates.

According to Camio, the exact bandwidth used depends on the chosen video resolution, but HD typically peaks at 240Kbps. The first step is to choose the device you want to use as your camera.

Are you looking for IP security cameras that could save motion footage locally to micro SD card instead of uploading to cloud server?

Or are you in the search for front door home security cameras that only record motion-based events and keep footage offline while accessible via mobile apps?

The next step is to download the Camio app or to sign into your Camio account. If you want to record actively from multiple devices the cost is .00 per month per camera.Security cameras with SD card make footage storage possible even without relying on internet bandwidth to upload captured videos or images to a cloud server.Just like one user said, “looking for a camera to place at an old garage shop, no wifi there so it would have to record to an SD card when motion is triggered”. Nest Cam and Dropcam now offer 3 hours of snapshot history for free. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a way to get more.While this article was written while it was possible to obtain free storage from Camio, that is no longer the case.

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