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"You don't really get to see the middle, and people have gotten to see me, so they're invested my success.

And I'm honest, also, about my failures." MORE: Bethenny's back!

Her other books are mindless fun, but this was both boring and awful. 2 we all suck at relationships stars Loved the title loved it was a little self-help written by someone we could all relate to but the book read uncomfortable with all the therapist notes and quotes that didn't always flow This is another case of the title didn’t live up to the book.

It had the potential but really it just didn’t flow and many parts were uncomfortable.

Look for Bethenny’s take on hot topics such as: understanding your man; the dos and don’ts of dating; how to trust your gut; and much more.

Despite all her relationship disasters, Bethenny remains an optimist; she keeps going, keeps trying, and continues to open her heart to love.

She makes a lot of small mistakes and escalates them while putting herself down.

There isn't anything particularly new here but the noteworthy parts were: I anticipate spending a lot of this year reading self help and self improvement books and have felt ashamed of putting them up on goodreads. I read these books and I have an opinion so here we are.

But I need to be honest with them about how difficult it is, because it is cutthroat now.

And you have to be on top of it all the time, because somebody else is." It's advice she lives by.

This is a book by someone who has made many relationship mistakes and knows a thing or two because of it.

Bethenny takes a deep look at her own dating and relationship history and gets to the heart of the mistakes women make and what it takes to find and sustain a meaningful connection.

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